One of my goals with this blog is to present more case studies.

The following is a fantastic awareness campaign that Eileen Fischer created with Fairware for Earth Day.  It offers great brand promotion.   I didn’t even know Eileen Fischer was committed to sustainability and fair trade until I read this snippet from their green promotions vendor Fairware (

What a great campaign.


Eileen Fisher – Earth Day Gift With Purchase

We first connected with EILEEN FISHER, a New York based women’s clothing company, when we were honoured as recipients of their 2006 Business Grant for Women Entrepreneurs.

Eileen Fisher has a deep commitment to community, their supply chain and to guiding their product and practice toward sustaining the environment as reflected in their Social Conscience initiatives.

To celebrate Earth Day 2007, EILEEN FISHER created a Gift with Purchase program with the message “What if we cared about the earth’s water like every drop mattered?” . Their aim: to educate customers about ways to reduce the impact of washing and drying clothes.

A re-usable organic cotton ditty bag (filled with clothes pegs and a Seventh Generation laundry detergent sample) was paired with an EILEEN FISHER hang-tag that outlined 5 tips for reducing the environmental impact of washing.

The program was both brilliant in it’s simplicity and bold in it’s message. Kudos to EILEEN FISHER for empowering their customers to be part of the solution.