Many organizations are wondering how to effectively use a blog.  The answer is,  There is more than one way.

Question number one really is, what do you want your readers to do after reading your blog?  Share the article?  Share about your company?  Refer a qualified client?  Buy something or donate?  Register for a class? Call a number for more information?  Call you to have a conversation?  Meet you at Denny’s for a free breakfast?  What?  That is the question.

The second question would be, “How?”   The following article provides several blog models from companies who have used blogs effectively for influence, commerce, news, reference and community building.

The Art of Blog

While Blogs get a bum wrap from the ignorati as being host to  useless, naval gazing monologues, it actually takes a lot to write an effective blog post.

The world’s top rated CEOs rank The Blog as the number one most important communication tool for industry influence and customer relations.   They ranked a business website sixth out of the seven listed options.   For high powered business, blogs come first.   Read more about blogging at To Blog or Nor To Blog a great article on the risks of risking your voice publicly.

Here are a few ways blogs are being used effectively.  The Art of Blog